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Wrong on every issue; NFP is not like the pill; Innovative thought evolves

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 Letters to the Editor -- Feb. 11, 2013 issue

Wrong on every issue
Re: Letters of Brian Coleman, Dec. 31 and Jan. 14:
With due respect to Mr. Brian Coleman, Father Raymond de Souza did not personally attack ex-priest Gregory Baum, but his stand on the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Father de Souza said that Mr. Baum proposed "that the Church was wrong on every issue in which her teaching clashed with secular culture" (The B.C. Catholic, Oct. 1, 2012) and he did mention that "at nearly 90 years old he is a lion no longer able to hunt" (not, nearly 97, as Mr. Coleman wrote).
"He is now of principal interest as an archaeological specimen, the relic of a time when the future of the Church was expected to be an abrupt break with her past."
Father de Souza is not unfairly critical of Mr. Baum. If he is critical, there is a sound basis.
I believe Father de Souza was an economist on a business trip to the Philippines during World Youth Day in Manila. He saw the Catholicity of the country, the fervent love of the youth for the faith and for the late Blessed John Paul II. This left such a fire burning in his heart that he became a priest.
As for Gregory Baum, he was a priest who left the priesthood.
Anita C. Moralda
NFP is not like the pill
Re: "Serena B.C. hopes for more teachers" in the Jan. 7 issue:
Congratulations to The B.C. Catholic for informing your readers about the true teaching of the Catholic Church regarding natural family planning. Properly applied, NFP is ethical and safe, a blessing for married couples.
Unfortunately, 45 years after the publication of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae, and almost 20 years after Pope John II's Theology of the Body, some members of the Church still teach that NFP is wrong, like using the contraception pill.
This is regrettable and confusing for many Catholics, especially young people and married couples.
Humanae Vitae tells priests their first task "is to expound the Church's teaching on marriage without ambiguity," and further states, "It is of the utmost importance, for peace of consciences and for the unity of the Christian people, that, in the field of morals, as well as in that of dogma, all should attend to the magisterium of the Church, and all should speak the same language."
John Massot
Innovative thought evolves
Re: "Aristotle has some truths to offer us, Aquinas pointed out," by Father David Bellusci, OP, in the Jan. 14 issue:
I think there is a lack of clarity in the headline to this column on the philosophy of Aristotle and truth.
How can we say Aristotle has some truths to offer us? Philosophy, as I understand it, is a discipline in which "innovative thought" about truth evolves. It does not own the truths themselves.
Imelda Buckley
New Westminster


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